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Programmation musicale

19h00 : My One And Only Love
19h05 : You Don T Know What Love Is
19h10 : One For Daddy O
19h18 : I Want To Live !
19h25 : Homesteader
19h30 : Nothing For Granted
19h34 : Waiting
19h39 : Final
19h43 : Azalea
19h55 : Autumn In New York
20h02 : In A Sentimental Mood
20h06 : Lapsus
20h10 : The Well Wisher
20h17 : Latin Bubbles
20h24 : D Fish
20h27 : Mr Blue
20h32 : Good Morning Blues
20h45 : Fire And Rain
20h57 : Betcha By Golly Wow