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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Take The A Train
19h09 : Caravan
19h15 : Willow Weep For Me
19h23 : Central Park West
19h28 : You Are Too Beautiful
19h33 : At Long Last Love
19h35 : Kilimandjaro
19h42 : 125th St And 7th Ave
19h49 : 125th St And 7th Ave / S.mos Remix
19h53 : For Fun
20h00 : Dirt Road
20h07 : Up Tempo Thing
20h13 : Screaming
20h16 : Amerigo
20h20 : Bridge The Gap
20h23 : Kissing My Love
20h29 : Sing A Simple Song
20h31 : Leaving
20h48 : Night Bird