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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Ida Lupino
19h03 : Une Ile
19h09 : But He Knows
19h14 : Gail
19h20 : Get Up In The Night
19h25 : You Don T Know What Love Is
19h30 : You Don T Know What Love Is
19h33 : Lady Love
19h38 : Little Peace
19h43 : Face To Face
19h49 : Dehli Daily
19h54 : Lonely Woman
20h06 : Suspicions
20h13 : Si Te Vas
20h17 : Moca Feia
20h24 : The Shadow Of Your Smile
20h29 : Stella By Starlight
20h42 : All Blues
20h54 : Theme
20h58 : Yesterdays