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Programmation musicale

19h00 : On The Sunny Side Of The Street
19h03 : Sunny Side For Fred
19h08 : You Are My Sunshine
19h13 : Sunshine Of My Life
19h22 : Sunny
19h25 : Summertime
19h27 : Sacred Silence
19h34 : Winter Wind
19h39 : The Winter Of My Discontent
19h54 : Latin Bubbles
20h01 : The Don Walks In
20h06 : 0800
20h11 : Aretha Sing One For Me
20h17 : It Ain T Necessarily So
20h21 : Christo Redentor
20h27 : Christo Redentor / S.mos Remix
20h29 : Respect Yourself
20h31 : Respect Yourself
20h40 : Little Ghetto Boy
20h44 : Sweet
20h49 : Bring It On Home
20h56 : Don T Play That Song
20h59 : Got My Mojo Working