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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Paddyjazzmixclub 1
19h01 : Battle Royal
19h12 : Jumpin At The Woodside
19h15 : Itw
19h18 : It Don T Mean A Thing
19h24 : It Don
19h35 : Perdido
19h47 : Blues For Yolande
19h53 : Entomology
19h56 : Fly Me To The Moon
19h59 : Love Walked In
20h05 : Seven Minute Mind
20h10 : Take Five
20h14 : Straight Line
20h18 : Fish And Chips And Mushy Peas
20h22 : Gimme That Wine
20h26 : Grand Papa Funk
20h30 : Invitation
20h33 : Western Reunion
20h40 : Where We Used To Live
20h49 : What Can I Say After I Say I M Sorry
20h54 : Terra