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Liste des titres

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Generique Paddy Club Jazz A Fip 1
19h01 : Stormy Weather
19h07 : It Don T Mean A Thing
19h13 : Don T Stop The Carnival
19h19 : I Wan Na Be Like You
19h24 : Day O
19h27 : Tequila
19h30 : Brazil
19h35 : San Sebastian Strut
19h39 : Cocinando
19h49 : Vida
19h53 : Duudamdej
19h59 : This Is What You Are
20h06 : Hummin
20h11 : Hikky Burr
20h15 : No Time To Lose
20h20 : Ode To The Doodooda
20h27 : Ignition
20h31 : Walkin
20h40 : Mack The Knife
20h49 : O Que Sera
20h59 : Guajira