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Programmation musicale

19h01 : The Heart Of Saturday Night
19h04 : Saturday Night
19h07 : I Was Doing All Right
19h11 : The Easy Way
19h24 : Easy Living
19h31 : Take Love Easy
19h36 : Music Forever
19h39 : Crunch
19h46 : Caravan
19h50 : Spanish Castle Magic
19h56 : Up From The Skies
19h59 : Crossdown Traffic
20h05 : Spank A Lee
20h13 : Rich Man S Welfare
20h21 : Theme From Bobbin Street
20h25 : Shaft
20h29 : Drunken Hearted Boy
20h31 : Drunken Hearted Boy
20h38 : Bold As Love
20h46 : Hear My Train A Comin
20h55 : Crossroads