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Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Egyptian Ella
19h03 : You Ve Got Me Voodoo D
19h06 : La Ibkey
19h12 : On A Persian Market
19h18 : Gypsy Eyes
19h22 : Address Baby True
19h25 : Terre De Naissance
19h31 : Fantasy For Ralph
19h34 : Space Spiritual
19h41 : Jessica
19h49 : Amor En Jacuma
19h54 : The Frog
19h58 : Tristan In The Sky
20h01 : Ambre
20h08 : You Ve Changed
20h12 : Yesterdays
20h19 : India Song
20h22 : Like The Others
20h28 : The Candy Man
20h38 : Kelly S Blues
20h45 : Soon Forgotton
20h49 : Every Day I Have The Blues
20h54 : Little By Little
20h59 : Chapeau Jimi Hendrix