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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Your Feet S Too Big
19h03 : This Island Earth
19h08 : Black Eyed Susan Brown
19h12 : Harlem Swing
19h14 : Harlem Nocturne
19h22 : Spanish Harlem
19h28 : Revoir Paris
19h32 : Paris Blues
19h39 : Barnum Circus
19h45 : I Praise You Lady Of Passion
19h51 : My River Runs To You
19h56 : Felicidade
20h02 : Lamento No Morro
20h07 : The Source
20h12 : Toutes Les Fees Etaient La
20h18 : Oggy Et Les Cafards
20h21 : Ragtime Neuve
20h24 : Delilah
20h28 : Introduction
20h31 : Blue N Boogie
20h34 : Avalon
20h36 : Just Like You
20h42 : The Bogus Man
20h43 : Slave To Love
20h45 : Virginia Plain
20h46 : Love This Drug
20h50 : The Only Face
20h54 : Reason Of The Rhyme
20h59 : Same Old The Blues