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Programmation musicale

19h01 : What A Little Moonlight Can Do
19h09 : Ruby My Dear
19h10 : Ruby My Dear
19h16 : Searching For Jupiter
19h25 : A Road
19h30 : Respect
19h37 : La Linea Del Sur
19h43 : Concerto Pour Bandoneon - Premier Mouvement
19h50 : My Funny Valentine
19h52 : The Gringo
20h03 : Boogie Stop Shuffle
20h08 : From The Plantation To The Penitenti
20h19 : Jubilee
20h24 : The Old Landmark
20h27 : Mac S Boogie
20h31 : Homemade Ice Cream
20h37 : Les Kidnappeurs
20h54 : Carte Blanche