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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Angel Eyes
19h08 : Apareceu
19h14 : Waiting In Vain
19h19 : Nonagon S Dance
19h23 : Children Of The World
19h29 : Show Me A Love
19h30 : Show Me A Love
19h33 : You Gotta Go Home
19h36 : Buenos Aires
19h45 : Hold The Ladder
19h48 : We Have Died Already
19h56 : Otro Viaje
20h03 : You And I
20h07 : The In Crowd
20h10 : Sogni D Oro
20h16 : Girls Talk
20h20 : A Day In The Life
20h23 : Resistance
20h29 : Before You Accuse Me
20h33 : See See Rider
20h38 : Acorn
20h46 : Tenderly
20h52 : Party Song