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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Bacon And Eggs
19h06 : He Does It Better
19h10 : A World Of Fire
19h15 : There Foolish Things
19h20 : What Have I To Live For
19h23 : Three Bags Full
19h28 : Heywete
19h33 : Ambasel
19h37 : Hotel Tanger
19h45 : Morocco
19h47 : Spirits Up Above
19h50 : Anitra S Dance
19h53 : Feeling Good
19h57 : Frankie And Johnny
20h13 : Shiny Stockings
20h18 : I M Gonna Leave You
20h22 : New Grass
20h32 : Introductions By Gene Norman
20h33 : All God S Chillun Got Rhythm
20h39 : Perdido
20h48 : Jordu