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Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h02 : Pecado
19h05 : Orgasm
19h06 : Le Chant Des Baleines
19h07 : Embarcadero
19h11 : Golden Slumbers-here
19h17 : Good News From The Desert
19h28 : I M A Fool To Want You
19h31 : Whisper Not
19h38 : The Blues I Love To Sing
19h41 : Goin Nuts
19h43 : Impro / Stefano Battista
19h47 : Lush Life
19h51 : I Got Rhythm
19h56 : Come Fly With Me
19h59 : Listen Up/kansas City
20h05 : Dulce Georgia Brown
20h10 : Besame Mucho
20h12 : Al Vaiven De Mi Carreta
20h18 : My Buddy
20h23 : The Shadow Of Your Smile
20h34 : Prelude To A Kiss
20h40 : Twelve Tone Blues
20h45 : The Candy Man
20h55 : Modul 47