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Programmation musicale

19h00 : I Hear Music
19h06 : How High The Moon
19h10 : Fly Me To The Moon
19h13 : Le Mage
19h20 : Spiritual
19h27 : Cuando Te Podre Olvidar
19h32 : Django
19h36 : Nuages
19h42 : Annonce A Night And Day Desannonce
19h50 : After You Ve Gone
19h53 : Some Other Song
19h58 : Le Pouvoir Des Chats
20h05 : The Poet
20h09 : Paris Waltz Rag
20h13 : Wilderness
20h17 : Round Midnight
20h23 : Feeling Good
20h26 : The Good Life
20h29 : Re
20h30 : Re
20h36 : My Foolish Heart
20h41 : Song From M A S H
20h54 : Days Of Wine And Roses
20h55 : Your Story