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Réécoutez l'emission CLUB JAZZAFIP DU 1ER MAI 2013

Programmation musicale

19h03 : Work Song
19h11 : Sack Of Woe
19h15 : Make Today Today
19h20 : No Id
19h24 : The Duke
19h31 : Take Five
19h41 : Nuther N Like Thuther N
19h48 : Flying Saucer
19h53 : Kind Of Latin Rhythm
20h01 : Let I Go
20h06 : The Phantom
20h17 : The Blessing Song
20h23 : The Creator Has A Master Plan/peace
20h27 : Joshua
20h32 : Perdido
20h40 : Salt Peanuts
20h48 : Drum Conversation
20h52 : Hot House
20h59 : Hurt