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Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Hello
19h03 : Bye Bye Love
19h07 : Gee Baby Ain T I Good To You
19h11 : Motivic Glitch
19h16 : Open Up
19h21 : Open Heart
19h24 : Crunch
19h30 : Cubano Chant
19h34 : Yansa
19h42 : If Only For A Minute
19h47 : Will Soon Be A Woman
19h52 : All Blues
20h03 : Part Of A Whole
20h20 : Yes I Can No You Can T
20h26 : Untitled Boogalow
20h29 : Picadillo
20h32 : Picadillo
20h38 : Goldwrap
20h42 : Live In Cologne
20h52 : Got To Move Something