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Programmation musicale

19h01 : What S The Matter With Me
19h04 : Oop Pop A Da
19h07 : No More Blues
19h17 : O Amor Em Paz
19h27 : Samba In Preludio / Samba Em Preludio
19h29 : Manha De Carnaval
19h31 : Manha De Carnaval
19h41 : Cobankat
19h52 : Alone Together
19h58 : The Line
20h05 : Comin Home
20h10 : Americano Meccano
20h15 : So Close So Far
20h21 : Shootin Dice
20h27 :
20h33 : We Got Robbed
20h44 : My Baby
20h49 : Careless Love
20h57 : Goin Back To New Orleans