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Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Revue Noire
19h04 : Black And Tan Fantasy
19h08 : Black Beauty
19h11 : That Old Black Magic
19h15 : Autumn Serenade
19h19 : Say It Over And Over Again
19h23 : Over The Rainbow
19h28 : Dancing By A Rainbow
19h33 : Rock It
19h38 : Actual Proof
19h48 : G Force
19h53 :
19h56 : Bangkok
20h03 : .....alta
20h06 : Bitch
20h15 : Under My Thumb
20h17 : I Can T Get No Satisfaction
20h20 : Satisfaction
20h23 : Knock On Wood
20h27 : Introduction
20h28 : Can T Handle This
20h29 : Hard To Handle
20h33 : Introduction
20h35 : Blue N Boogie
20h49 : I Can T Get Started With You
20h52 : A Night In Tunisia