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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
19h02 : Joshua
19h06 : Don T Stop The Dance
19h09 : Big Shot
19h13 : Nuages
19h17 : All Items
19h23 : Redshift
19h27 : O Morro Nao Tem Vez
19h34 : Spaghetti Al Polipo Murato
19h37 : Good Cook
19h41 : Don T Wannit
19h46 : Senor Blues
19h58 : Song For My Father
20h09 : Empty Dream
20h13 : Waltz For Jb
20h17 : 1960 What?
20h19 : Terre De Naissance
20h24 : Comes Love
20h29 : New Orleans
20h45 : Things Ain T What They Used To Be