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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Cobra Criada
19h09 : Oye Como Va
19h14 : Consolacao
19h20 : Mobile Home
19h25 : Super Mario Land
19h29 : In Walked Bud
19h34 : Things Are Gonna Change
19h39 : With Love
19h42 : Salsa Movar
19h51 : Like It Is
19h58 : Let The Rain Fall On Me
20h03 : Walk Between Raindrops
20h09 : Ressac
20h12 : Melodic Cty
20h17 : Brown Skin Girl
20h22 : The Countdown
20h31 : Brother Where Are You
20h35 : Seven Sisters
20h43 : Lady Chatterley S Mother
20h49 : Song For My Father