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Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Signifying Monkey
19h04 : Fenwyck S Farfel
19h08 : The Way Home
19h14 : Ballade For Jackie
19h18 : Momento Magico
19h24 : Namely You
19h33 : The Spinning Song
19h39 : Code Cool
19h44 : Circle Dance
19h49 : The Three Trumpeteers
19h54 : An Afternoon At Home
19h59 : I Sing The Blues
20h00 : I Sing The Blues
20h05 : Do You Know What I Think?
20h10 : Heartbreak Hotel
20h16 : Groznjan Blue
20h22 : Mood Indigo
20h27 : I Ll Never Be The Same
20h31 : Newport Romp
20h39 : Soul Station
20h48 : Flying Saucer
20h53 : Feediop