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Programmation musicale

19h01 : A Handful Of Soul
19h08 : Get Out Of My Life Woman
19h10 : Mustard Greens
19h16 : The Preacher
19h21 : Drinking Lab
19h26 : Big Chief
19h31 : Big Chief
19h34 : Nobody S Fault But Mine
19h37 : Dolphin Dance
19h42 : Palm Grease
19h53 : The Don Walks In
19h58 : Clapin
20h01 : Sweet Honey Bee
20h10 : Alias
20h14 : Homesteader
20h19 : Sparkle City
20h25 : He S A Superstar
20h29 : Love Vibrations
20h31 : Love Vibrations
20h36 : Take Me In Your Arms
20h41 : Up On Teddy S Hill
20h47 : John S Abbey
20h55 : Get Happy
20h59 : Protest Remix