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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Young Girl Down The Street
19h07 : Georgia
19h14 : Fever
19h19 : Seeker
19h27 : Teddy
19h33 : Rio De Janeiro Blue
19h38 : El Sonador Esta Cansado
19h43 : Get Happy
19h46 : Two Sleepy People
19h49 : Berkshire Blues
19h55 : Counting The Days
20h00 : Brand New Millenium
20h06 : Still Called The Blues
20h10 : Do Your Thing
20h14 : The Prodigal Song
20h21 : Joyce / Taxi Driver
20h26 : Born Under A Bad Sign
20h30 : Chega De Saudade
20h35 : Babarabatiri
20h44 : Take Five
20h50 : Blues For Salvador
20h55 : Forever Together