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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Chorus Of Street Boys
19h05 : The Gypsy S Hip
19h09 : Ouverture Carmen
19h13 : On Duende
19h24 : Frenesi
19h27 : Paraiso
19h33 : Take Ten
19h36 : E Preciso Perdoar
19h42 : N.y. Time
19h47 : Me And The Devil
19h50 : Eggs And Sausage
19h54 : Ride My Heart
19h58 : Dr Watson And Mr Holmes
19h59 : Dr Watson And Mr Holmes 1
20h01 : The Blues I Love To Sing
20h04 : Some Of These Days
20h08 : Blue Shalimah S Tale Opening
20h13 : Ambiente Pa Ti
20h17 : Valsajane
20h21 : Estate
20h26 : Modul 41 17
20h41 : For The Love Of You
20h50 : Twisted Blues Belgium
20h56 : Up On Teddy S Hill