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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Delia
19h06 : Fat Judy
19h14 : Kudu
19h20 : Tiptoe Thru The Ghetto
19h25 : Smilin Billy Pt. 2
19h30 : Backwater Blues
19h35 : Ahmad S Blues
19h39 : Get Up Child
19h42 : 3 Pieces Op 50
19h49 : Time Is Coming
19h53 : Listen Here
20h00 : Let Your Love Shine On Me
20h04 : Calcutta Blues
20h14 : Gana
20h16 : Spooky
20h20 : Zip Zap Wa Bap
20h25 : Sweet Ganesh
20h32 : What Is This Thing Called Love
20h38 : What Can I Say After I Say I M Sorry
20h44 : Fine And Mellow
20h53 : Black And Blue