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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Goodbye
19h10 : When The Blues Leave
19h14 : Relaxin At Camarillo
19h18 : Spiritual
19h27 : Christo Redentor
19h33 : Christo Redentor / S.mos Remix
19h36 : Let S Go Get Stoned
19h40 : Freeway Jam
19h53 : Take Me Back
20h02 : Backlash Blues
20h09 : Road Song
20h18 : Le Mistral
20h27 : Marables S Parable
20h30 : Epistrophy
20h31 : How Do We Catch Up
20h37 : Em Familia
20h38 : Gala Y Nena
20h46 : The Sidewinder
20h53 : All The Things You Are