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Programmation musicale

19h00 : The Beginning
19h06 : Ramshackle Rose
19h10 : Monday Stroll
19h15 : Call It Stormy Monday
19h18 : Blue Monday
19h20 : Freedom Monday
19h26 : Spaceman Twist
19h32 : Space Time Girl
19h36 : Love In Outer Space
19h42 : Egypt Strut
19h49 : Sais
19h57 : Show Me The Way
20h03 : Inner City Blues
20h08 : T Stands For Trouble
20h13 : Trouble Is A Man
20h18 : I Smell Trouble
20h22 : Trouble In Mind
20h25 : Happy Birthday Blues
20h33 : Letter From Home
20h38 : Junior S Arrival
20h46 : My Man S Gone Now
20h52 : Drume Negrita
20h58 : All Night Long