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Programmation musicale

19h00 : From Monday On
19h03 : Monday Stroll
19h08 : Cashmere
19h14 : Para Para
19h20 : Holy
19h25 : Moving Mountains
19h33 : Otra Jazzpana
19h39 : Manhattan Murals Take The A Train
19h47 : Take The A Train
19h55 : Drop Me Off In Harlem
19h57 : Harlem In Havana
20h02 : Cuba Linda
20h11 : Cubano Chant
20h15 : Axe Bahia
20h20 : Egyptian Fantasy
20h25 : These Books Weren T Made For Burning
20h29 : Blue Port
20h39 : Con Alma
20h48 : Aftermath
20h58 : Gooey