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Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Paddy Jazzmixclub 1
19h01 : Mystic Brew
19h05 : Spill The Wine
19h09 : Simratico
19h13 : Jean Fouille Pie Fouille
19h19 : O Que E Que A Baiana Tem
19h22 : Bahia
19h28 : Stratosphere
19h35 : Hysm
19h41 : The Wonderful Widow Of Eighteen Springs
19h43 : Space Bubble
19h48 : A Taste Of Honey
19h51 : Gol E Gandom
19h54 : Busy
20h05 : Nubium Swimtrip
20h13 : Les Levres Rouges
20h16 : Bumble Boogie
20h18 : Anitra S Dance
20h21 : When Hollywood Goes Black And Tan
20h24 : Madame Jojo S
20h29 : On The Other Side
20h30 : On The Other Side
20h35 : Song For My Father
20h44 : Runnin Away
20h52 : Walk Tall
20h59 : Do I Have To