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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Can T Help It
19h06 : Easy To Remember
19h13 : Spiritual
19h27 : Mr Freeman
19h33 : No More Blues
19h36 : Desafinado
19h39 : Summertime
19h49 : Manteca Theme
19h56 : Jeep Jockey Jump
19h59 : Harlem Notturno
20h02 : The Melancholy Trumpet
20h05 : El Manisero
20h10 : My Angel S Smile
20h14 : Under My Thumb
20h22 : Viper S Drag
20h28 : Part Ii C
20h30 : Part Ii C
20h35 : Regulator
20h40 : Winter In America
20h48 : Live In Amiens
20h59 : Weapon Of Choice