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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Paddy Jazzmixclub 1
19h02 : Please Please Please
19h04 : India
19h09 : La Cumbia Te Esta Llamando
19h12 : Send In The Clowns
19h16 : Native Land
19h26 : Caesar And Cleopatra Theme
19h30 : Amore Per Tutti
19h32 : Les Papillons
19h36 : Piano A Marius Cultier
19h41 : That
19h44 : Sometimes I Need Some Time
19h50 : People Music
19h57 : Ankor
20h02 : A Reflection
20h06 : Love And Leave Me Kind
20h12 : I Smell Trouble
20h16 : That S The Way It Goes
20h19 : Elegances
20h29 : Where Flamingo S Fly
20h30 : Jeepers Creepers
20h33 : Be Bop
20h42 : Blue Bossa
20h52 : Upa Neguinho
20h56 : Changes